Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is the U.S. Bilateral African Chamber of Commerce (USBACC)?
The U.S Bilateral African Chamber of Commerce is a non profit organization whose mission is to advocate and promote African businesses in the United States and to encourage trade and international investments directed to Africa. USBACC is the leader in public policy advocacy on business issues affecting the African owned-businesses. Our goal is to foster a strong, competitive, and profitable economic environment that benefits African businesses in the United States as well as in Africa.


2.  How will the U.S. Bilateral African Chamber make a difference for African business?
USBACC intends to become the voice of African business  to the public, to the media, and to the local, state and federal government. The chamber will advocate for businesses with viewpoints coming from the African community perspective.


3.  Who can become member of the U.S. Bilateral African chamber of commerce?
USBACC welcomes everyone to become a member: Individuals, Professionals, Self-employed/Entrepreneurs, small businesses, medium size businesses (more than 10 employees) business associations/chambers and corporate members, non-profits. Our organization can only grow with the support of members like you.

4. How do I become a member of the U.S. Bilateral African Chamber of Commerce?
You can become a member by filling a membership application and by paying a specified annual membership fee. The application can be filled out online or you can call our headquarters to receive the application in the mail.